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Reproduction Bows

All bows and arrows on this page are available now. Bows are shipped in protective cases and insured 
Lakota/Cheyenne style Sinew Backed Ash bow- $380

Made of a fine stave of white ash backed with 2.5 layers of elk leg sinew. Elk back sinew 3 ply string. Tip tip wrapped with brain tanned pronghorn hide. Wood treated with bear grease. This is a asymmetrical bow with the top limb 2" longer than the bottom for more of a center shot. The bow is 46" long nock to nock and has a 50 pound draw at 23"
For questions or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275
Ishi style Caricature Bow- $420

This bow is made of a beautiful snaky and bumpy stave of Utah juniper with very tight growth rings. It is backed with 3 layers of moose leg sinew. The bow draws about 35 pounds at 27". It is a little under 54" long. The wood and sinew have been treated with a few coats of tung oil and shellac over that. Comes with a B-50 string. This is a asymmetrical bow with the top limb 1" longer that the bottom. 
For questions, more photos, or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275
Above: Osage, osage bow and arrow Real sinew string- $390 
51.5" long 61 pound draw at 25 inches. Well made 2 ply elk sinew string. The bow has a smooth finish from being rubbed with a smooth bone. The wood is treated with multiple applications of bear grease. The back of the bow has a barber shop spiral of white and yellow wood in the single growth ring. The arrow is a Osage replica of dogwood. Painted with earth pigments, fletched with wild turkey and pointed with old barrel hoop iron. The arrow is matched for perfect flight from this bow. I tested this arrow with the bow. The arrow weighs 550 grains. 10 shots with the fastest and slowest speeds thrown out and the other 8 averaged. 151 fps. I can make matching arrows for $30 each. 
 The Osage were a dominant tribe of the plains in the first half of the 1800s. They were early to conform to reservation life. This bow ended up in the San Diego Museum of Man. It was tested in 1920 by Saxton Pope. Other than that not much is known about it. It is very unique for a bow from the Oklahoma indian territory. The shape closely resembles the bows of the Modoc of the California, Oregon border. After the Modoc war of 1872-1873 less than 200 survivors of Captain Jack's band were relocated to Indian territory In Oklahoma. Their reservation was only about 100 miles from the Osage with the Cherokee in between. It is my opinion that this bow may have been made by the Modoc and traded to the Osage, or made by the Osage with Modoc bow influence. 
For questions, more photos, or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275
 Ishi style bow 55" long 54 pound draw at 28" with real sinew string- SOLD  Currently building another. 
 Bow with sinew string and 12 ply endless fast flight string with 4 arrows- 

  . True to form in every way (with a lenticular cross section) except the tips are a little more narrow than a true replica and I did the sinew over 3 weeks. I strung the bow backwards and put on 2 layers. A week later took off the string and added 1.5 more layers. 2 days later put the string back on backwards to let the sinew do it's work. A week after that one more layer. The bow is sealed with 3 coats of one application of bear grease and 3 coats of shellac over that.  After 80 or so shots it maintains 4.75" of reflex. total weight is 13.9 oz. Just under 2" at the widest near handle. The bow is 55" nock to nock and has a full draw of 28" where it weighs 54 pounds. This time I used a 12 strand endless fast flight string with a 5.25" brace height. This is the best performing Ishi style bow I have built to date. The arrows included are birch and perfectly matched for this bow. Ishi style turkey tail fletch wrapped with sinew and painted with red ocher and charcoal. Modern target tips. I used 2 of the arrows included to test the bow. Weight 579 grains(almost 11 gpp). Average arrow speed of 10 shots(after throwing out the fastest and slowest) 181.5 feet per second. 
For questions or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275
Hickory small game blunts-$25 each

The above arrows are replicas of Ojibwa(Chippewa) and matched for the bow below. They are made of a single piece of straight grained hickory. The tips are left bulbous and the rest of the shaft is reduced. These arrows were in common use on most of the eastern half of North America. Variations were used by the Powhatan, Delaware, Algonkian, Mohegan, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Montagnais, Naskapi, Seneca, Cayuga, Iroquois, Shawnee, Creek, Menominee, Potowotami, Fox, and Winnebago just to name a few. most other tribes if not all had some form of heavy tipped blunt for small game hunting. 
Above: Ojibwa(Chippewa) reproduction- $390
This is a very fast shooting bow. 53.5" hickory bow with a heat treated belly. 53 pound draw at 26". It shoots regular 8.5 grain per pound cedar target arrows 174 feet per second. After 150 shots it has taken almost no set.  The shape and paint are a copy of a old Ojibwa bow. This bow was made more rectangular in cross section. The back has a cambium layer that is the brown patterns you see. The paint is red ocher, white soap stone and a green earth pigment. The bow has been sealed with 7 coats of tung oil. The string is fast flight. For a additional real sinew string add $45  
For questions contact me at   chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650 208 9275 
Otter hide quiver: $130-$250 depending on the hide
These hide sack quivers were used from central California to Washington and east into the great basin. This one is 27 inches deep and is shown with the juniper backed with sinew and pitch bow below and 15 cane great basin arrows. The eyes and mouth are sewn closed with brain tanned buckskin. The strap is brain tanned deer hide as well.
Plains barrel hoop iron points- $5 each
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